I believe that most of the gypsum powder making factory miner will care about the cost of gypsum powder making machine. After one year, 2018 has com. How long has your old grinding mill worked for you? And if you decide to change a new and more efficiency gypsum grinding mill for your business? Do you want to know what’s the price of the hot sale gypsum grinding mill? I will tell you later.

As we all know, the gypsum grinding mill is one of the common gypsum powder making machines. However, the micro powder gypsum grinding mill is not only can be used in gypsum powder grinding, it also can be used in such as, dolomite, calcite, feldspar, limestone, calcium carbonate and other more than 200 kinds of stone materials grinding. And compare with other common grinding mills, our micro powder gypsum grinding mill has a higher efficient when it’s in working. At the finish powder fineness is 2500 mesh, the capacity of our micro powder gypsum grinding mill can up to 35 t/h.

micro powder gypsum grinding mill

And besides this, the micro powder gypsum grinding mill can save more electronic power when we start the gypsum grinding mill, it will save 20%~30% electronic power, compare with other stone powder grinding mills, and the most advantages of our gypsum grinding mill is our product is more environment friendly, it not only can ensure the finish gypsum powder cannot leak, nut also can eliminate environmental pollution.

As for the price of our micro powder gypsum grinding mill five models of grinding mills on hot selling. According to your different demand of output, we will recommend different gypsum grinding mills for you, generally speaking, the price of our main unit gypsum grinding mill is about $35000 to $65000. if you are interested in our product, welcome to leave your message to inquiry.