In the field of production gypsum powder, there are many types of powder grinding mill can be used in that industry, not only increase the added value of products, enhance the market competitiveness of the powerful weapon, but also for preferred equipment 300-3000 high quality powder, gypsum powder industry to meet different market demand. Shanghai Clirik specializing in the production of gypsum grinding mill, fair price, stable performance, smooth operation, reasonable configuration, is a strong gypsum powder market favorite advanced equipment.

gypsum grinding mill

As a kind of high quality insulation material, non-toxic, tasteless, gypsum has good heat resistance and insulation strength of Grade A and other characteristics, especially in high temperature and re processing of the irreplaceable, the internationally recognized as the most ideal high temperature resistant insulating material. With the continuous development of gypsum, products do not update the application, mica products have been involved in the field of aerospace, nuclear industry, military base, electronic power, transportation, metallurgy and chemical industry high iron and household appliances, good development prospects and enormous market potential.

Shanghai Clirik gypsum grinding mill is based on the traditional grinding machine on the improvement and innovation, compared with other types of grinding machine, the equipment is increased by more than 20% in the yield, energy consumption per unit cost savings of more than 30%, while covering a number of patented technologies, effectively ensure the stability of the whole system, durability and persistence, is energy efficient and green environmental protection and convenient maintenance, higher cost and longer service life quality of grinding equipment.