Gypsum Powder Packing Machine

Product Introduction Of Gypsum Powder Packing Machine

Gypsum powder packing machine usually has two kinds of valve type and open type, using electronic automatic measurement technology, variable feed frequency conversion function; ​according to the characteristics of raw materials, fineness, fluidity and so on, it can automatically complete the whole packing process of measurement, feeding, filling, bag-making, date printing, inflation (exhaust), finished product transportation, and automatically complete the counting.

Packing machine widely gypsum powder, calcium carbonate, limestone, calcite (GCC), carbon black, talc, feldspar, kaolin, bentonite, AL(OH)3, emery, quartz, barite, food and other materials packaging.

Gypsum Powder Packing Machine

Gypsum Powder Packing Machine

Capacity: 3-10 bags/min, (25kg-1t)

Max feeding size: Optional

Processing ability: 3-10 bags/min, (25kg-1t)

Range of application: Calcite (GCC), carbon black, talc, feldspar, kaolin, bentonite, AL(OH)3, carborundum, quartz, barite, food etc.

Product Features Of Gypsum Powder Packing Machine

♦ The gypsum powder packing machine adopts belt traction film.

♦ Traction structure adopts servo motor, high positioning accuracy, easy to adjust.

♦ High power servo motor is used for transverse sealing, the pressure and opening stroke can be adjusted at any time, suitable for all kinds of packaging materials.

♦ Adopt PLC servo system, pneumatic control system, super large display touch screen to form the driving control core; ​the control accuracy, reliability and intelligence of the whole machine are greatly improved.

♦ Chinese and English touch screens can store a variety of different product packaging process parameters, when the product can be used at any time without resetting.

♦ Can directly adjust the sealing and cutting position on the touch screen without stopping.

♦ With automatic alarm, such as the door is not closed, no roll film, colorless tape, etc.

♦ Diversified packaging styles, back sealing, corner insertion, bag, punching, etc.

♦ Bag-making, sealing, packaging, printing date at one time.

♦ Clean working environment, low noise.

Product Parameter Of Gypsum Powder Packing Machine

Type Bag weight Accuracy Power Filling speed Air consumption Dimension(W*L*H)
CBF-159A 3-50 kg ±0.2~0.5% 380V, 50HZ, 4KW 3-5 bags/min, (25kg) P≥0.6Mpa, Q≥0.4m³/min 800x1400x1850mm 
CBF-159B 1-60 kg ±0.1~0.3% 380V, 50HZ, 8KW 3-5 bags/min, (25kg) P≥0.6Mpa, Q≥0.4m³/min 850x1500x2155mm
CBC-200C 1-50 kg ±0.2~0.5% 380V, 50HZ, 3KW 3-5 bags/min, (25kg) P≥0.6Mpa, Q≥0.4m³/min 3300x2000x2755mm 
CBC-1000D 1-2000 kg ±0.2~0.5% 380V, 50HZ, 3KW 7-10 bags/min, (1ton) P≥0.6Mpa, Q≥0.4m³/min 880x1800x2500mm 

Introduction Manufacturer of Gypsum Powder Packing Machine

SHANGHAI CLIRIK MACHINERY CO., LTD located in PUDONG New district of Shanghai china as a professional enterprise, which is specializing in research, manufacture and sales of all kinds of mining equipment. Our company has already formed a full set of modern production line, equipped with intelligent, standardized testing and controlling laboratories, owned a professional team for R&D, production, sales and service.

Research and Development

Shanghai Clirik Machine Co., LTD., founded in 2010, currently has more than 200 scientific research and production engineers, and owns a number of mill, crusher, coating machine, sand machine patents. Clirik has established contact with many scientific research institutes at home and abroad to seize the commanding heights of industry technology. The company pays attention to scientific research investment, and the annual R&D investment accounts for more than 30% of the company’s profits. Scientific research engineers through Solidorks, CAD, CAE, Matlab simulation analysis and other computer aided design software, for product research and development, design, production in every detail to provide a guarantee, to ensure the accuracy and perfection of products, improve the overall reliability.

Research and development
Research and development
Clirik Factory
Clirik Factory

Manufacturing Processes

Clirik has more than 12,000 square meters of standardized production plant, including a processing workshop, assembly workshop, painting and sandblasting workshop, trial machine debugging workshop, finished product placement workshop, etc. The workshop is equipped with more than 100 high-end CNC machine tools of well-known foreign brands. From drawing, assembly to debugging, the equipment manufacturing has gone through thousands of processes, including resizing, cutting, grinding, trimming, heating, forging, turning, milling, grinding and drilling, inspection, painting, assembly and test machine. Each manufacturing process is repeatedly verified by our engineers to ensure the reliability and integrity of each device. Raw materials are related to the quality of products. Our engineers have strict requirements on the selection of raw materials. International standard steel is used.


1.Besides gypsum powder packing machine, do you have any other gypsum powder products?

We also have grinding gypsum crusher, coarse grinding mill, Raymond mill, ultra-fine grinding mill and modification machine.

2.What is the payment term?

The payment terms are L/C, Western Union, D/P, D/A, MoneyGram, Pay, T/T.

3.What’s the after sale service of your company?

We will provide foundation drawing to the clients for installation. Besides, we can provide guidance service for installation and operation of workers, etc.

4.How long is thegypsum powder packing machine?

We will provide foundation drawing to the clients for installation. Besides, we can provide guidance service for installation and operation of workers, etc.

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